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Hi dear friends,
I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying lots of family time in the sun.  I am writing today to share a little of my personal self with you.
While my personal life normally stays just that... personal.  I am feeling lately that I should share with all of you that frequent my usual "happy place" ~ Scrap & Bean.   Since I have been spending less and less time at the store, and have been winding up the last few classes that were scheduled for me to be teaching, I feel the need to let you know why.
On new years eve (Jan 2015) Andre was diagnosed with brain cancer.   Given the option of 3-4 months life expectancy if he opted to have no medical treatment, and an estimate of 13-14 months if he chose the protocol treatments for this Glioblastome Multiform Stage 4 brain cancer.    I won't go into the treatments, nor the months of research we did, nor the alternatives he chose.  I will say we have been blessed with 2-1/2 years since that day.   These past 30 months have been full of hope and dashed hopes, intertwined with both laughter and tears,  a few road trips to his favorite destinations, of meeting new friends we have made along this health journey, and of friends we have met and then lost to this unforgiving disease.   And most importantly these past 2+ years have been full of family, friends and much love.
As time passes, and life seems to get shorter and even more precious, I am choosing to spend all of my time with my best friend and sweetheart as I belong at his side for the rest of this journey.   I will pop into the store, but those visits will be short and sporadic.
Note that all classes currently on the class calendar will continue as planned.  However there will be no midnight crops scheduled for this summer.  The stores opening hours will remain unchanged as much as possible.  A huge thanks to the great team that works at Scrap & Bean who keep it running in spite of what has been going on behind the scene.
Thanks for your understanding.
Note that this Wednesday,
July 5th, the store will be closed in the morning.  
Sorry for the inconvenience.