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What kind of adventures have you been on this summer?  Where ever your summer adventures take you, I hope you take lots of photos to enjoy long after the adventure is over.

If you have done, or will be doing some camping or "Glamping", here is some inspiration from a project I was just having fun with.

Then I made use of the left over embellishments and papers by adding just a little more paper and made this You Are Sew Sweet project.

To create these projects I used:

Flea Market Fall Bunch

Flea Market Quilting Bee

Flea Market Merry Maples

Flea Market Vintage Type

Flea Market Tiny Treasures

Flea Market Icon Stickers

Harvest Orange Zinnia

Acorn 3D Embellishment

    I also used a few colours of cardstock.  If you would like the exact matches, here they are:

Candy Necklace Cardstock,

Easter Grass Cardstock,

Coconut Swirl Cardstock,

Brown Cardstock,

So I actually did a few days of camping this summer.   I did my last tenting about 6 years ago, and donated my air mattress at the end of that camping trip!  Yeah, I decided never again would I sleep on the ground.  lol.   Well...never say never.  There I was heading for a few nights in a tent, and anticipating aching bones.  Andre, my Knight-In-Armour that he is had a solution.  I will share this in case any of you are faced with tenting as well.   So he bought me two air mattresses, yes 2!  The bottom air mattress he fully inflated which kept me nicely off the ground and not feeling any pokes or bumps.  Then on top of that he layered another air mattress, which was inflated just half way.  With a little apprehension I gave it a try.  Ok, seriously I was very apprehensive!   To my surprise and delight I laid down onto a very comfy bed and fits around all the joints and bones like a comfy little nest. It actually rivals the comfort of my bed at home.  Seriously, this was comfy sleeping!  So there you have it.  Some scrapbooking inspiration and a tip for sleeping on the ground.  Acting homeless is not so bad after all 🙂