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It has been a year since those fires raged through Fort Mac and area. While we can not begin to imagine what it was like, and is still like for those of you that had to leave your homes with so much left behind, we still feel for you even though 12 months have gone by.   1  3 4 5 (Note: we do not take credit for above photographs)   Although a time of devastation and heartache, there were also stories of everyday people helping strangers.  Stories of heroes and strength.  So many good people that showed up to help in such a bad situation.    I hope that each of you that were effected by such devastation were also touched with helping hands and some heartwarming memories of someone that stepped up to help you. As scrapbookers we preserve our lives experiences for our own memories as well as for future generations.  At Scrap & Bean we thought it appropriate to have papers for documenting this event which causes the world to look at Fort Mac as being Strong.  Alberta Strong.  We hope these papers help your projects, and we truly hope that each of you have a few memories of strength, courage, and rebuilding that came from that heart wrenching experience.   1  2 3   Some of our heros wear uniforms, the rest of our heros live in Fort Mac.