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  Annual Ghouls Weekend Halloween 3-DAY CROP! Halloween is the perfect time for Ghouls to have a weekend scrap at Scrap & Bean! Yes that is 3 days of crafting! Everyone gets their own 6' table. FREE double-page Halloween scrapbook project for everyone that attends. There is a photo booth at this event, and this project is the perfect place for those halloween shots. d This event includes: Full 6' table for every person! Lots of room to spread out your projects makes for a comfy, creative event! Snacks, bottled water, pop, and fresh brewed coffee. We also have specialty coffees, lattes and more! Door prizes throughout each of the 3 days. Everyone goes home with goodies! 15% discount on purchases these 3 days (ask for details in store). Friday the event doors open at 10am!... and we craft to midnight, with a hot supper this evening. Saturday 10am to midnight. Morning muffins and juice, sandwich bar for lunch, and hot supper catered by A'Capella catering...which is delicious! Sunday 11am to 4pm. Hot brunch catered by A'Capella catering. Bring your unfinished projects, your tools and supplies and enjoy 3 days of paper crafting and socializing! Note: What happens at the crop...could end up in a scrapbook! ūüôā Here is the Scrapbook project which you will receive for FREE, when you attend this event.

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Join us once a month for Chip Nights (chipboard that is!) Explore a variety of mediums and techniques to apply to your chipboard embellishments.

This Friday we are pulling out the paint! Dylusions paint in a variety of colours will be out and open for you to FREELY use on any of the chipboard pieces you purchase during this event.

We supply: -Dylusions Paint - sponge applicators - gloves

You choose and purchase the chipboard items of your choice, then join us at the paint table and add a variety of colours to your favourite chippy pieces.

No experience needed. Are you looking to add breadth and interest to your scrapbooks, journal pages, and three-dimensional projects? Chipboard is a highly versatile medium that has a smooth surface ready for paint or other textures to be applied. Chipboard can take your craft beyond ordinary.

Here are some of the great looking pieces that the ladies painted tonight...


Special thanks to Joy, Rena, and Denice for letting us share their creative painting with all of you.

Watch for our next Chip Night in September.

No need to register, just stop by between 6-8pm on Chip Nights.

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What kind of adventures have you been on this summer?  Where ever your summer adventures take you, I hope you take lots of photos to enjoy long after the adventure is over.

If you have done, or will be doing some camping or "Glamping", here is some inspiration from a project I was just having fun with.

Then I made use of the left over embellishments and papers by adding just a little more paper and made this You Are Sew Sweet project.

To create these projects I used:

Flea Market Fall Bunch

Flea Market Quilting Bee

Flea Market Merry Maples

Flea Market Vintage Type

Flea Market Tiny Treasures

Flea Market Icon Stickers

Harvest Orange Zinnia

Acorn 3D Embellishment

    I also used a few colours of cardstock. ¬†If you would like the exact matches, here they are:

Candy Necklace Cardstock,

Easter Grass Cardstock,

Coconut Swirl Cardstock,

Brown Cardstock,

So I actually did a few days of camping this summer. ¬† I did my last tenting about 6 years ago, and donated my air mattress at the end of that camping trip! ¬†Yeah, I decided never again would I sleep on the ground. ¬†lol. ¬† Well...never say never. ¬†There I was heading for a few nights in a tent, and anticipating aching bones. ¬†Andre, my Knight-In-Armour that he is had a solution. ¬†I will share this in case any of you are faced with tenting as well. ¬† So he bought me two air mattresses, yes 2! ¬†The bottom air mattress he fully inflated which kept me nicely off the ground and not feeling any pokes or bumps. ¬†Then on top of that he layered another air mattress, which was inflated just half way. ¬†With a little apprehension I gave it a try. ¬†Ok, seriously I was very apprehensive! ¬† To my surprise and delight I laid down onto a very comfy bed and fits around all the joints and bones like a comfy little nest. It actually rivals the comfort of my bed at home. ¬†Seriously, this was comfy sleeping! ¬†So there you have it. ¬†Some scrapbooking inspiration and a tip for sleeping on the ground. ¬†Acting homeless is not so bad after all ūüôā


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New Brushes! Stencil brushes from Clarity Stamp have a pointed tip with super-fine, synthetic bristles, to give a clean and stunning finish to your work. Use with ink or paint, through stencils or directly onto your artwork. Brush Widths: 13mm, 18mm, 21mm & 25mm Brush Lengths: 230mm, 240mm, 250mm & 260mm                           Watch Clarity brushes in action in this video:  

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Hi dear friends,
I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying lots of family time in the sun.  I am writing today to share a little of my personal self with you.
While my personal life normally stays just that... personal.  I am feeling lately that I should share with all of you that frequent my usual "happy place" ~ Scrap & Bean.   Since I have been spending less and less time at the store, and have been winding up the last few classes that were scheduled for me to be teaching, I feel the need to let you know why.
On new years eve (Jan 2015) Andre was diagnosed with brain cancer.   Given the option of 3-4 months life expectancy if he opted to have no medical treatment, and an estimate of 13-14 months if he chose the protocol treatments for this Glioblastome Multiform Stage 4 brain cancer.    I won't go into the treatments, nor the months of research we did, nor the alternatives he chose.  I will say we have been blessed with 2-1/2 years since that day.   These past 30 months have been full of hope and dashed hopes, intertwined with both laughter and tears,  a few road trips to his favorite destinations, of meeting new friends we have made along this health journey, and of friends we have met and then lost to this unforgiving disease.   And most importantly these past 2+ years have been full of family, friends and much love.
As time passes, and life seems to get shorter and even more precious, I am choosing to spend all of my time with my best friend and sweetheart as I belong at his side for the rest of this journey.   I will pop into the store, but those visits will be short and sporadic.
Note that all classes currently on the class calendar will continue as planned.  However there will be no midnight crops scheduled for this summer.  The stores opening hours will remain unchanged as much as possible.  A huge thanks to the great team that works at Scrap & Bean who keep it running in spite of what has been going on behind the scene.
Thanks for your understanding.
Note that this Wednesday,
July 5th, the store will be closed in the morning.  
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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It has been a year since those fires raged through Fort Mac and area. While we can not begin to imagine what it was like, and is still like for those of you that had to leave your homes with so much left behind, we still feel for you even though 12 months have gone by.   1 ¬†3 4 5 (Note: we do not take credit for above photographs)   Although a time of devastation and heartache, there were also stories of everyday people helping strangers. ¬†Stories of heroes and strength. ¬†So many good people that showed up to help in such a bad situation. ¬† ¬†I hope that each of you that were effected by such devastation were also touched with helping hands and some heartwarming memories of someone that stepped up to help you. As scrapbookers we preserve our lives experiences for our own memories as well as for future generations. ¬†At Scrap & Bean we thought it appropriate to have papers for documenting this event which causes the world to look at Fort Mac as being Strong. ¬†Alberta Strong. ¬†We hope these papers help your projects, and we truly hope that each of you have a few memories of strength, courage, and rebuilding that came from that heart wrenching experience.   1¬†¬†2 3   Some of our heros wear uniforms, the rest of our heros live in Fort Mac.          

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Lots of chipboard embellishments are available at Scrap & Bean.  

chipboard wall 1chipboard wall

We have a YouTube video where you can watch Kathy adding colour to chipboard by using Dylusions Paints as well as Nuvo Crystal Drops.   Shop for the items used in the YouTube Video by clicking on the pictures below:   heart chipboardArtist SpongeNon-Stick Craft Mat   Nuvo Crystal Dropsdylusions paint   Scrapbooking kits are available here. Shop our large selection of chipboard here.