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Special Event Coming...
January 13th, Sunday, 12-3:30pm
Creativity With Intention
With Creative Coach and Oracle Denise VanDomselaar
Bring a playful sense of curiosity, and two questions you would like to explore.
Everything else is provided for you!
Most of us are aware that we have a sense of "intuition," but many of us have trouble accessing it or trusting it.   Our art-making afternoon is a time for you! It's an opportunity to experience and explore/deepen your inborn, natural heart-wisdom and have fun doing it.
Here is an idea of how this relaxing and creative afternoon will unfold:
We briefly introduce ourselves to each other.
Denise provides an introduction to the Expressive Arts process and to the buffet of art materials that are provided. She provides instruction on how to manipulate the art media for those not familiar with them. There is no artistic experience or skill required.
Centering process:
Denise leads participants through a relaxing and centering exercise, using breath-work and visualization to provide the grounding which is the basis for your intuitive art exploration.
Participants are invited to choose from an array of art materials to create two images that will be approximately 5"x10" each. A buffet of materials are provided.  The end result may or may not be something decorative that you'd chose to hang on your wall, but it will be something that is rich with meaning for you.
During the writing component of this experience, Denise provides guiding questions that you privately write your answers to, journal-style on paper provided.  Everything you write is confidential and you needn't share it with anyone. This is the part where you allow your images to speak to you, using the guiding questions provided, to glean insight from your images as they relate to the questions you are exploring. Denise offers insights and guidance.
Wear comfortable clothes which you are ok with getting a little paint on.
Event is just $40 and includes one of our specialty lattes,
or other comforting beverages of your choice.
A note from Kathy...
While recently attending a similar event, I was amazed by Denise ability to bring each of our own inner wisdom to the surface as a group of us were exploring our personal questions.  She brought together this group that started out as strangers who, by the end of the session had connected with this bond of exploring and expressing through art.  At the end of those few hours I knew that not only did I want to experience this again, but I just had to bring Denise to Scrap & Bean so that many of you could share in this experience.   So thrilled that Denise has agreed to host this event for us.  There is not an accurate description for this event, you really need to experience it.   If any of the information in this email peeks your interest or curiosity, I encourage you to join us for this unique experience.