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If you love shopping with us, you may also love working with us.

We are a team of avid crafters who love sharing our passion with every crafter that walks through our door.  We get to be amongst beautiful scrapbooking supplies, seeing the newest art supplies as they arrive, and imagining how we can use them in our next project.    But don’t let that image fool you.  Every one of us is also working hard,  we are lifting boxes (of new and exciting products), restocking shelves with colourful paints and glitters, picking orders for our webstore shoppers, doing paperwork, making signs, counting inventory, washing classroom tables, we even keep our bathroom sparkling clean.   There is a lot of work going on to keep this large scrapbook store open seven days a week.

  As Scrap & Bean is growing, we have room for yet another avid crafter to join our team.  A good team includes individuals with differing skills which complement each other.  So the perfect candidate for this new position would be a person that brings new experience to add to our existing team.  We realize that there are many people that are willing to learn, and that is a valuable trait for sure!  Imagine if we kept training people to do exactly what we already do? Our collective skill set would not expand.  This is why the perfect candidate will bring some new skills and experience to add to our current team knowledge base.

The ideal candidate will have experience in:

  • Creating displays and effectively merchandising
  • Creating interactive videos and live streaming
  • Inventory tracking and investigating

The following base skills are also required:

  • Customer service experience
  • Extensive knowledge of craft/art supplies from personally using them
  • POS system experience
  • Inventory tracking and investigating skills
  • Restocking and merchandising experience
  • Computer experience in a work environment

Job Description:

  This is a permanent part-time position which will include weekend and weekday shifts during any of our business hours.

Assisting Customers:

The primary function of all staff at Scrap & Bean is to provide a friendly and inviting shopping experience to all of our great customers.  Crafters come to Scrap & Bean for supplies, for inspiration and for advice on a variety of projects.  We answer their questions, share our own experience of using the tools and products, and help them locate the perfect items for their next project.  As with all positions at Scrap & Bean, this job includes building relationships with our customers, sharing product knowledge and assisting in finding just the right item from our huge selection.


This position will be responsible for many aspects of inventory.  Such as merchandising, counting, data-entry of counted information, re-stocking, and more.


Assisting with the filming of videos as well as live-streaming.  Posting videos online.  Knowledge of editing videos is beneficial but not required.

If this position is of interest to you, submit resume with relevant experience to or drop it off at Scrap & Bean.